Youtube Kids – Children Version App Will Now Only Serve Kids Ads

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Good news for parents and kids, because FTC is now requiring Youtube to show ads targeted at children on its kids designated Youtube Kids app and website. The announcement came after the Federal Trade Commission charged Youtube of allegedly violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act abbreviated as COPPA this past September last year.

To meet the changes, Youtube will be now promoting its Youtube Kids app and website. An app that filters content just for kids. An app also that came out 5 years ago, in 2016.

YouTube is now telling its content creators that if their content is intended for kids, the creators will be required to post their content as “made for kids or not made for kids.”

The changes mean that creators with kids videos will be losing a big chunk of the ad market because of the limitation to have kids based ads.

In a blog statement, Youtube rep states “We also use machine learning to help us identify this content, and creators can update a designation made by our systems if they believe it is incorrect… We will only override a creator designation if abuse or error is detected.” This means that youtube will mark a content as made for kids if it deems so even if the creator didn’t mark it as.

The changes have left creators, Youtube, and the FTC in a limbo as far as deciding what content is classified as “made for kids” . But in the peripheral future, this is good news for parents and kids that are trying to be protected from the nonfiltration of online content.

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