The 2019 Unicorn Meteor Showers

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Where can you see the Unicorn meteor shower tonight in the sky? Well, the Unicorn meteor shower will be visible around 11:50 pm , and will be visible in a clear night sky on the Eastern parts of North America, the Western Part of Europe and Africa, and almost all of South America.

Tonight’t Unicorn meteor shower will be located in the Monoceros constellation in the night sky. If you are wondering where the Monoceros constellation is in the night sky, it is best to download an app that will locate it for you in the night sky. Hopefully it will point gazing eyes to the right part of the sky and hopefully it is not cloudy in your are. Below is a visual map of who may get a good shot at seeing light streaks in the night sky:

photo by accuweather

According to (AMS) American Meteor Society, who keeps tracks records and reports of meteor shower, however where you can see the Unicorn meteor shower tonigh, it should be the biggest meteor shower seen in the night sky in 24 years, due to the rate of meteors debris will see per minute. These high rates of meteors debris, burning in the atmosphere in such a small interval time (in a few minutes apart), are called alpha Monocerotids meteor storm.

The first alpha Monocerotids meteor storm took place in 1995, where 400 meteor debris burned through the Earth’s atmoshphere in just one hour. Although in the peripheral futures we should expect to see more of these storms since scientist can predict these events before they happen again.



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