Short Haircuts For Men May Still Be In Your Alexa

Your Search History For Alexa may still have the time you were looking for short haircuts for men or women to maybe looking to do on yourself or asking a style to do for you. But if a friend comes over and gain access to that search history of men hairstyles or whatnot , it may be a little uncomfortable or quite frankly embarrasing. Below is a guide on how to remove your Alexa voice recordings.

How to delete recent Alexa voice recording

How to delete all Alexa voice recordings

Delete recent recordings: (enable deletion by voice on amazon account setting before proceeding)

  • Make sure your device is connected online to a network ( Alexa does not function without an internet network)

  • Make sure Alexa is enables on your device and test if its on by saying ‘Alexa,’

  • If Alexa is on, command it to delete recent recordings by saying, “Alexa, delete what I just said”

  • To delete everything you said for the day, just say “Alexa delete everything I said today.”

Delete all Alexa voice recordings:

  1. Login to and click on account & lists under your name. In the drop down menu, go all the way down and select ‘your content and devices’

2. Under the the content and devices tab, select the ‘Alexa privacy’ tab.

3. Step 3 is to select the the ‘review voice history’ block.

4.Make sure enable deletion by voice is enabled in order to complete first section of tutorial, and under the ‘date range” drop down menu, select all history, and delete all recording for all history.

Next time you search for short haircuts for men or women, let it remain something private!

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