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The Disney Plus app is a new streaming service released in November 2019, and because it is a streaming app, it does not currently offer Disney Plus channels that are live like Hulu currently offers. In the peripheral futures, Disney may offer live tv like other streaming apps.

Although the Disney Plus app does not currently offer live Disney Plus channels, it means it has not partnered yet with radio broadcasting channels like TNT or ABC and NBC to provide a live tv feature yet. But currently, Disney Plus will offer on demand content that the company has in acquisition library and new content that are created under its brand platform, just like Netflix currently now have Netflix branded films. It does not have a ‘ continue watching feature ‘ like Netflix does.

If you have a streaming device, such as a Fire TV or Apple TV or any other devices that support the app, you can download the app in their app store libraries, and see what movies and shows Disney Plus content currently have in its library for the Disney plus price of $6.99 per month.

Currently you may find all the contents that Disney own in the new streaming app. Since Disney is acquiring many studio companies that makes digital content like movies and tv shows, it can build a library that can captivate its audience. Because Disney own studios like Marve, you can see movies like Avengers and many other Marvel movies on the app.

The Disney Plus shows will also provide a sense of nostalgia since all the content like that different generations grew up with will be available to watch and streamed on demand.


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