Short Haircuts For Men : The Regulation Cut Is #1

The regulation cut has been the most popular and timeless of best short haircuts for men among different generations, professions, military men and artists. Because of its timelessness, it is why it is considered as a peripheral futures style trend. We will compare different short haircuts for men against the regulation, and let you decide if the regulation cut is the standard for the style you want with your wahl clippers

The Regulation Cut

The High And Tight Vs The Regulation Cut

The high and tight covers the top of your head, but the fade also starts from the top. The regulation cut’s fade meet at the top and comes down to fit the curvature of your head, which meets a complete fade standard as far as haircut ideas for men.

The High And Tight Recon vs The Regulation Cut

The high and tight recon goes a little further than the regular high and tight by starting the fade at the middle of each side of the top. It gives off that front line army look of someone ready to attack. Again, compared to the regulation cut, you may agree that the latter, the regulation cut is the best short haircut for men that is more of a formal cut for any events and environment.

The Crew Cut Vs The Regulation Cut

The crew cut is another form of the regulation cut but totally different. Although, both cuts feature fade proportions that match the shape of your face. The difference is the the crew cut has more hair on top, leaving your looking more elongated. The regulation cut match the proportion of your face and head from side to side and top to bottom.

The Brush Cut Vs The Regulation Cut

The brush cut is a very low cut but with no distinction of where the fade starts. It is another variation of the burr cut which is talked about below, except there is a slight more fullness of hair. It is also popular among short hairstyle for women. Getting the best short haircuts for men, you need that distinction to make your style look professionally done like the regulation cut

The Burr Cut Vs The Regulation Cut

The burr cut is using clipper of size 1 or 2 to cut even your whole head. It is the most simplistic haircut you can get or do for yourself, but you can easily make it look uneven if you don’t apply even pressure on the clipper as you cut or if your black is not evenly angled or sharp enough. A burr cut doen’s show really have a hairstyle like the regulation cut.


Now that you have an idea of the differences between the variations of cut. You can decide what fits your head best, although as stated, The regulation cut is the most universal one. The more you know, the less you need to go asking Alexa for haircut ideas ! People actually do that. You’d be surprised.


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