Pin-up Pageant Preparation *

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Author : vintagebarbie17

(Who knew Amazon had all these outfit options.) The individuals who know me, and the individuals who have perused this blog, realize that I adore the vintage, retro and hot chick styles. Lamentably, being a legal advisor implies that I can’t wear this style constantly. So it is frequently put something aside for the end of the week.

In any case, now and then I don’t have anyplace to go and I simply need to wear the hot chick style. That is the point at which I choose to spruce up in it in any case.

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When searching for motivation of centerfold girl styles on Pinterest, I went over some “hot chick expos” or challenges, and it made me think – I wold love to enter one of those! It’s so much fun sprucing up in the hot chick style, why not make multi day of it and meet some other similar people?

I’ve just been in Melbourne for a half year, so I’m not very acquainted with the city (not to mention the state) however I’ve been doing some looking and it would appear that there are some coming up later in the year.

So it bodes well to begin rehearsing pin up hair, cosmetics and working out various outfits. I especially love stick up style with splendid, fun hues, so I chose to wear some brilliant hues and shake some guard blasts with triumph rolls.

Regardless of whether I never go in a challenge or show, it’s as yet fun sprucing up in this style.

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Yield Top: Forever New | Cardigan: Review | Pants: Hell Bunny | Shoes: Betts | Brooch: Resin Doll | Earrings: Lovisa

What’s your opinion of my stick up look? Have you entered any stick up expos or challenges?

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