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Walmart announced today it will begin to rollout next day shipping of its items to you when you oder them online. It is targeting to reach the whole country in providing its new delivery program, starting in states like Pheonix and Las Vegas.

On April 25 of last month, Amazon also announced similar plan to rebuff its infrastructure to have the capability to offer next day delivery as a standard service. Some of us may always thought that 2 day delivery was the extend and limitation that these companies have reached to bring items to us. Apparently, in our peripheral future, our expectations to get these items faster will be something of the unconscious.

As more companies will make faster and instant deliveries part of their business model, everything we need in a matter of few hours will be available to us. According to Marc Lore, president and CEO of Walmart eCommerce US, he writes in walmart blog,

“We can offer fast, convenient shipping options because we’ve built a network of fulfillment assets that are strategically located across the U.S. We’ve also done extensive work to ensure we have the right products in the right fulfillment centers based on where customers are located and what they’re ordering.”

Companies are creating infrastructures and logistics to create these models. It is something that has come to be. In the peripheral future, it is something we will be used to.

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