The US Airforce: Space Force Military Will Not Replace NASA

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Although the Space Force military contain the word Space, it will not be replace NASA, but rather, it will operate under the air force. Since it will be in space, the Space Force might replace military time with some type of space time system. The space force was formalized this year 2019 as part of a new US military branch. There is only one state which has an independent space force, and that is the United States of America.

The US has established this branch on 20th December 2019. The space force is officially declared the sixth branch of the US military. The concept of military space force foregrounds to Army air forces in the year 1945. Space force was then organized by the United States Air Force. In 1982 the Air Force Space Command was established with the function of one command considering all the space matters. To accomplish all the matters considering space by any of the military boughs, Congress has authorized the formation of the United States Space Force on 20th December 2019.

What is the Netflix Space Force TV show? 

Netflix produces TV shows, Movies, and Films accompanying different portions of Arts, Culture, History, trending issues, and developments. Space force tv show is a comedy series of Netflix based on the people who are being given the task of creating Space force as per the instructions of US congress. This TV show will be premiered on Netflix in 2020. Earlier this year, Netflix was assigned with the task of series production of 10 episodes on space force. Production of Netflix is being co-assisted by Greg Daniels, Steve Carell, and Howard Klein through arts entertainment. 

Will Space Force replace NASA

To get the answer to this particular question, we have first to understand what is the difference between NASA and Space Force. National Aeronautics and Space Administration(NASA) is a government agency in charge of science and technology in air and space. While the Space Force is the official sixth military branch. Space force may bring adverse effects to NASA because space force will duplicate the programs of NASA.

There are many concern’s considering the budget of NASA, which can be cannibalized by the special force. The idea of creation of special force came out of the Pentagon’s report stating that capable adversaries constantly deny our use of space in crisis, so it is imperative to protect our national interest in terms of space technology. 

What can the Space Force do in the peripheral futures

The fundamental task of the space force is to develop awareness for different space situations, different satellite operations, globally integrated command, and control of military special forces. Enabling the joint campaigns of space support for the land, air, naval, and cyber forces. It will also support space-based detection of nuclear detonations. Space force will instigate and sustain the offensive and defensive space operations in order to achieve space superiority among other adversaries. 

The Space Force is now the sixth US military branch officially as per the bill passed by the Congress. The idea of creating a space force was discussed by the White House and Congress earlier this year. Endorsed by the Pentagon’s report published in August the same year. To ensure the space superiority among potential adversaries, the foundation of a space force was laid down on 20th December 2019.  

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