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Thank you for viewing my page.  I am a semi-retired and a single mother.  I have had many invention ideas throughout the years but I have never been able to go forward with my ideas due to the amount of money it costs to fund such a project such as this.

I have had the opportunity to get this idea through the design, development and the sourcing stage, hence, a disposable spoon rest.  I have invested  funds up until this point, however, I am at a standstill.  I cannot move this product forward until I reach my goal.  

Funds are needed to make the tool which is $10,000 and the minimum order quantity is 50,000 pieces at .10 cents each which amounts to $5,000.  Additional money will be used to promote this product such as building a website, advertising of the product to get the word out for this new product.

The disposable spoon rest is made from a biodegradable material and


its material is  cornstarch.  As mentioned, there is no disposable spoon rest out there! Those who would benefit from it are households, catering companies, restaurant supply stores and many more.  This product can be used in many ways.  Prints and colors can later be made of this product.  The color currently will be beige with a logo that I designed.

Your support will mean so much in getting this product out onto the market.  Any amount contributed will be beneficial to help reach my goal.  I am grateful to each and everyone that contributes to my campaign.  Thank you very much!

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