Egypt Launched Its 1st TIBA-1 Satelite To Provide Satelite Internet

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When is Egypt’s satelite launch? Egypt is launching its first communications satelite for satelite internet today Friday November 22nd, 2019 at 12:52 pm Eastern time or 17:52 UTC. The satelite will be launch aboard a private company’s rocket. The rocket is called Ariane 5 with space flight number VA250. The flight will be coordinated by the space avaiation french company called Ariane.

Egypt is joining companies, like Elon Musk’s Starlink, to provide satelite internet to its remote regions in Egypt in North Africa. The Egypt army is launching its first communication satelite called the Tiba-1 to provide communication services to the government and for commercial usage. Just like Starlink has launched a series of many satelites into space to provide similar internet services, Tiba-1 is the first of many series of satelites that the Egypt government is planning to launch in the peripheral futures .

The Tiba-1 will not be the only payload for Friday’s space launch above the Ariane 5 at Guiana Space Centre in French Guiana.. Flight VA250 will also carry a second payload called the Inmarsat GX5. Inmarsat’s GX5 is purposed to provide a growind demand for global mobile connectivity for ships, jets, and airlines. The company claim to be “the world’s first and only  globally available mobile broadband network.”

But to get back to Egypt’s satelite, the Tiba-1 is a governemt satelite, which means it will have broader usages. More and more companies, government agencies, are launching internet satelites to meet global demand for communications, which, our orbital space and nightsky will be seing a lot of satelite lights traffic in the peripheral futures .


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