3 Capabilities In Google Lens App


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  • Get information of your environment
  • Translate
  • Shop and buy something you see

Get information of your environment

If you have the google search app downloaded, and you click on the camera icon near the mic icon in the search box l, amazing things start to happen. One of the cool things you can do is get information about stuff all around you. If you the know the breed of a pet or the name of a flower type. This feature is there to help. When you have the lens app hovering over things, the first option you are given is the search feature. With that feature google lens will display any information it has on the object you’re pointing your camera at.


This is the next coolest feature google lens have to offer, especially when you are traveling to another country with a different language. By swiping right two times from the search screen feature, we have the translate feature. This feature will display on the screen any letters that are in any other languages to the language you want it to translate to. The AI works intuitively with the AR, therefore you do not need to click on the screen the object you want to be translated.

Shop and buy something you see

There are many times we are commuting and we see something we like on someone or on something. We would like to buy that item and make it our own, but we may not be sure how to identify the name of the item or how much it cost. Google Lens’ shopping feature can provide you these informations by discreetly pointing your camera at that item. You just need to swipe left until you see the cart icon on the screen. Point your camera on the item and click the blue dot or the item on the screen. Google Lens will do its best to tell you what the item is and how much you can buy it for with the many different shopping listings it provides on the screen.

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