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Spacexhas launched many launch mission to space with its provision rocket, the Falcon Heavy. The launcesh have involved provisions for many different entities, mainly for the United States department of Defense and other Science investigations. SpaceX is the go to space company that is now being used by many major companies and government entities to perform technological experiments into space.

In May, SpaceX, Elon Musk’s space rockets company launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida is first rocket into space to deploy 60 satelites that will beam internet for Elon Musk’s internet company, Starlink. The launch will be live stream on starlink’s website, and the stream will begin to go live 15 mins before the space rocket blast to out of space.

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket is one of many launches the company is planning to achieve to reach its goal of orbiting an unbelievable amount of 7,000 internet satelites, starting with 60 on board the space launch tonight. Elon Musk tweeted : “Much will likely go wrong on 1st mission. Also, 6 more launches of 60 sats needed for minor coverage, 12 for moderate.”

7000 satelites seem like a lot of junks in our planet’s orbit, and well, that’s because it is. If you combine the vast amount of space objects orbiting our planet and the space between them, those spaces are getting smaller and smaller. At some point we might compare space useful objects and objects to the amount of trash we have in the sea.

Currently, there is a lack of regulations over launches of satelite globally. At this pace, we have a small idea what our peripheral future of Earth’s orbit will look like.

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