The US Cyber Command Is Now A Participant In cyber Attacks

Although the US is not the first country to initiate the cyber warfare of the peripheral future, the US has finally used cyber attack against Iran missile systems, making the US nation a participant in this new war offense strategy.  

The most popular cyber attack we are all familiar with is the presidential election of 2016, in which Russia launched a cyber attack based off social media campaigns and voting polls hacks. Before that, cyber attacks were done by lone wolves hi-jacking network systems for ransoms.

Now government entities has taken the cyber attack approach as a new stratedy to undermine their adversaries. The US department who excecutes these cyber attacks is called Cyber Command.

At first, the department was initially set up to defend and warn the US companies and possibly the public of potential cyber threats. Now the Cyber Command has been given the permission to be on the offense to plan and execute cyber attacks against adversaries.

On Thursday June 20th, the president gave the order to execute a cyber attack plan against Iran after Iran confirmed that it shut down a US drone flying over international waters. The plan by the Cyber Command was in the works for months now, and it was one of the option that the president was offered to retaliate against Iran.

With cyber attacks on the rise in the past decades, we have looked to governing entities to lead the way in cracking down on that vulnerability of our network systems. Instead, they have chosen to lead the way to more cyber attacks in the peripheral future.

With 5G network on the way.  It is best now for companies and individuals to secure themselves with a VPN software.