What Friends To Invite To Friendsgiving

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What is a friendsgiving party? It is a party for your non-intermediate familty. When is Friendsgiving? Well, Friendsgiving can be held in the weeks before Thanksgiving or the weeknd after. It’s always best to invite people close to you to Friendsgiving. But, before we get into the specifics and politics of who do you invite to your Friendsgiving dinner, remember Friendsgiving is not about feeling comfortable and more about inclusion. Therefore, you can invite anyone you feel like at your party. But if there are concerns, that you do need to make a decision of who to invite to avoid an ackward disaster, we will go through some scenarios of who to not invite, and some scenarios that can give us an idea of who to invite to guarantee a happy time.

The peripheral futures of the holidays are around the corner and it’s time to decide who do you invite to Friendsgiving. It’s always best to invite people close to you to Friendsgiving. But sometimes, our friends or people we associate with don’t always clash well or get along together in the same room. So we are left with the decision of deciding who to invite to Friendsgiving that will guarantee a get together that is not so ackward.

Who To Not Invite To Friendsgiving:

The Boss

No matter how many times your boss give you hints that they’d love to attend a Friendsgiving, never give in and admit that you will be having one. In certain exceptions, people have bosses that are they’re best friends, although that relationship creates some pretty ackward conversations. One thing you do want to avoid in your Friendsgiving is ackward conversation. Also, no one wants to talk about work politics at the dinner table too much.

Work Wife/Husband

Not every one have a work wife or husband, but they do exist. If you do, you may not know you do, but other people think you do. It is usually the person you are ‘buddy buddy’ with at work, and people perceive you as such. When it comes to Friendsgiving, you don’t want to bring that complication to that environment, because that is what people may focus on. It’s also maybe a major ‘no no’ if you do have a real husband or wife.


Friendsgiving is always great when there is no drama in the air. People want to feel full and happy. When you invite an ex to the party, it is highly possible that friends may know they are your ex, because your friends know a lot about you. If your friends see your ex at the get-together, many questions will arise, and the focus will not mainly be on the food and happiness anymore. If your guys are trying to rekindle things, save it for another party and leave your guests out of it.

Your Parent

Friendsgiving was created for the inclusion for the people in our lives that are not intermediate families, and have had an impact in your life. Therefore, when thinking if you should invite a parent to Friendsgiving, it is best to leave that invite for Thanksgiving not Friendsgiving. But, that just goes unsaid.

The Disruptive Friend

I know in your group of friends, there is that one friend that is obnoxious. Not just any type of obnoxious, but the friend with no filter. You know who I am talking about. Yes you may have friends that don’t get along with each other, so you invite one one year and the other another year. But every year, there is that one friend that you may not want to know you attend Friendsgiving at all. Don’t let your disruptive friend ruin your Friendsgiving. Their behaviors are unpredictable, you will spend your whole day trying to figure out how to babysit them or hold them back from their regular self. Friendsgiving is about inclusion, but unless your disruptive friend learn to include everyone else, they are bound to be the phocal point of your Friendsgiving.

Best People To Invite To Friendsgiving:

Your Best Friend

I think it should go unsaid that your best friend is the first person you should think about in a Friendsgiving list when deciding who to invite to the dinner. The person is the one friend you can trust that can make you feel comfortable about the whole day. They can even help you with preparations, and even help you come up with a list on who to invite. But if a best friend is not someone you have available, the next person you feel the most comfortable communicating with all the time should be on the top of your invitation list.

Impactful Acquaintances

A good formal Friendsgiving involve new friends and acquaintances, and certainly the people you met this year that has had a positive impact on your life. Having these people at the party or dinner can add a warm feeling to that environment. Nothing more fun than having or creating new friendships among yourself and people around you.

Your Partner

That last paragraph talks about how fun it is to create friendships among people around you. Well you and your partner, can create a bigger environment that promotes that connection. Your partner should definitely be invited to Friendsgiving, because he/she can invite their own friends, and that will foster multiple conversations around the room of people getting to know each other. In return, some new friends might be created on Friendsgiving!

Because when it comes to Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving, people want to feel thankful, full, and happy!


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