Internet Speed Test 5G Winner: Starry Internet – Tutorial

Starry Internet is the first 5G home based internet provider right in our peripheral futures with an internet speed test of 200 Mb/s. With the sleek Starry Station, setup is easy and streamlined. With a screen touch user interface on the Starry Station itself, you don’t need a laptop or computer to initiate the setup. All settings is on that touch screen. Starry internet is expanding to many cities. They are currently in Boston, New York city, Los Angeles, Denver, and Washington D.C. Check Avaibality here. Below is a guide on how to setup your Starry Station router and see an internet speed test of 200 Mb/s.

Starry Station Setup

  • Place Starry Station on a flat and visible surface
  • Plug your Starry Station power cable at the bottom slot in the back of the device.
  • Then, plug your Starry Station ethernet cable in the left top slot in the back of the device
  • Plug your power cable into a wall outlet, and your ethernet cable into your modem
  • The screen will prompt you to select your wifi using a name generator or click edit to create your own
  • create a password and set your pin to be used as a security code in the future.
  • Select your timezone and follow the rest of the prompt and your Starry Station should be ready to be connected to from your wifi devices!

Starry Station Reset

  • click on the screen and tap on settings
  • scroll down and click on ‘restart and factory
  • click on reset and enter the pin you created from setup
  • Starry Station at this point should be reset to default settings

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