Iphone Xcloud Controller Setup Tutorial

A guide on how to connect your Iphone Xcloud controller to enjoy xcloud games on your iphone device. When playing Xcloud games on your Iphone, you have a few options how you want to control playing your games. You can either use the onscreen buttons on your iphone touch screen, which you can customize to your playing comfort for your hand and fingers. Another option is to buy Microsoft’s Xcloud Iphone controller, and use that external hardware controller to play your Xcloud games on your Iphone mobile device. Below, we will give you a small tutorial or setup guide on both options:

Onscreen Xcloud Controller Tutorial

The reason Xcloud was created is because Microsoft wanted an open platform to play video games on any devices. For these devices to be compatible with the Xcloud gaming platform, each device needs its own access to controller buttons to control the games being played on Xcloud. Microsoft launched the Xcloud gaming app to be compatible with any devices, meaning, when you download the app, you willl already have onscreen button on your Iphone screen to be able to control your games. Below is a guide on the different functions that every button have on your Iphone device when playing an Xcloud game:

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Xcloud Iphone Controller Setup Guide

Nothing feels more comfortable when you have a firm grip of your controller when playing a video game you are passionate about. That is why Microsoft developed an Xcloud controller specifically for the Iphones device.

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