How Participating On Online Polls Create Practices For Actually Voting : Republicans Are Shown To Be The Most Active

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Below are the motivating participation effects that take place when we see and scroll past a political question poll we had a GLANCE of online.

The Rhetorical Effect

Those who choose not to participate online polls believe that the question usually being asked is a rhetorical question, meaning that it is assumed that everyone should have the same answer to that question.

The Nonsense Effect

Some who ignores the political polls that they see online, because they think if the question is so exaggerated, it must be just nonsense. A question like that should not be asked at all in the first place. Again, these missing participants feel that everyone should also believe that the question is nonsense.

The Number Effect

There is the number effect that alienate missing online poll participants from clicking and choosing on a poll online. These categories of people believe because their party is big in numbers, that the poll will eventually correct itself.

The Pass The Buck Effect

Then there’s the pass the buck effect, in which the reluctant participant, lack the motivation to participate at all, due to the belief that someone else will do it for them.

The Relevancy Effect

Last but not least, you have the relevancy effect as someone scrolls through a page and skip and online political question poll. These specific people believe that online polls have no effect on real election.


Little that we may know, these online polls just expose one thing. It exposes how active both Republican and Democratic parties are at any given time. And all the variables mention above contributes to what side the poll leans on. If one party has the most bug effect of these participation practicing polls, that will be the party that will get hurt the most, when motivating and date familiarity comes when real election date arrrives.

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