Is Oil Good For Your Body?


Is oil good for your body is a question asked by those that are not aware of the many different applications of oil, especially for your skin’s health. The term essential oil creates its own category, because of the different types of oil we can create from different natural products.

Saudi Arabia is the biggest export of oil in the world that is used today in our vehicles, appliances, etc. But when it comes down to oil for our body, two companies in the U.S. claims to be the leading producers in that area. These two companies are doTerra and Young Living. In 2015. both companies revealed they have reached billions in revenue due to the rise of body oil demands.

Today, a lot of major companies are adapting to consumers demand for healthier products. Starting with healthier beverages, we got the diet soda. Then we have the need for healthier food which created the market of organic food products.

Now, another avenue in the public health movement that is gaining traction is the business of oil applications in cosmetics, aromatherapy, cooking, skin, hair care, cleaning, etc. The key factor that is driving this positive stance on body oil is the lack of side effect that these various oil applications provide.

Essential oils, and other related body oils, have become the next alternative go to for a world that is shying away from chemical products, and adapting to an all natural lifestyle. Today, people make the choice to use plant based oil such as argan oil, which are cold pressed and bottled to treat the hair and skin naturally. Unlike a product with chemicals in it, using an all natural product give you the assurance that it won’t make you skin break out or damage your hair.

Natural oil is good for your body because of its capability to retain water and its ability to be absorbed by the skin. Other major cosmetic brands use mineral oil in their product, which is not absorbable by the skin. Because of that reason, the skin tend to have a negative reaction overtime.

Natural oil contains nutrients absorbed by the body and it provides a positive effect overtime depending on the type of oil and its application.More and more people are adapting essential oil to their style. In the peripheral future, Major brands will have to reinvent their products again to meet our needs to have more natural products being used on our body for better long term health.