Club Prana 5 Floors 5 Parties Saturdays

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If you are in the Tampa, Florida area this weekend and you are looking for something to do, Club Prana 5 floors 5 parties on Saturdays is the place to be at. We all love spending the night away with music in our ears that makes our body feel good! With 5 floors and 5 parties, Club Prana will guarantee you that you will find that high.

Not many dance clubs and bars in the US or around the world provide their guests with 5 floors of dance clubs with different DJ’s. We know in life the more options we have, the more comfortable we feel with our choices. Club Prana is there to take that worry away of that doubt that you might not have fun.

This futuristic idea is the idea that every night club will be adapting to in the peripheral futures . The club is open to adults who are 18 years or older, but if you are 21 years old, the bar is open for you to purchase drinks averaging about 10+ dollars.

Also, not to mention, the 5 floors 5 parties include a rooftop party deck to party under the moonlight and stars with the music going with your body. If you have a birthday party, you can easy reserve a VIP section for you and your friends online at their guest list website, at .

If you and your friends get your hair and makeup ready before 9 pm ish, maybe you can get to the line at 10pm and get in for free, because the club allows ladies free entry before 10:30 pm! The getting ready process is never simple, but once you get inside Club Prana, everything is simple and easygoing as you walk in, go to the bar, call on the bartender for any drinks, and enjoy the music and night away!

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