Cute Crop Top Ideas To Wear With Hot Yoga Pants Or Jeans

One fashion that is a must wear or very common is the cute crop top. It compliments hot yoga pants very well or any other regular pants like jeans. Ever since the 1950’s, the swimsuit has evolved to become crop-tops, and they have become the go to mainstream style to wear out of the water. From the inspiration of bras and bikinis, they have evolved to be accepted as common outfit in the public place and continuing to be in our peripheral futures.

There are many varieties of crop tops that are worn everyday in a normal basis today. But the two main categories that almost all crop tops fall under is a loose t-shirt style ones and a tight version. Depending if your are wearing a skirt, leggings, or high waist jeans, wearing the right type usually completes a very simple, yet elegant outfit for today.

Aside from the categories, the length is another attribute that everyone look for to feel comfortable in. There are two main length cuts crop tops: one that is long enough to expose only your belly button and another that is short enough to cover up to your torso.

With the length and types in mind, you can decide the right type of pants, jeans, dress, or skirt to compliment your top. Preferably, the easy go to for pants that can go with these tops are high waist shorts or high waist jeans.

In Conclusion:

Be versatile and know which top you need that will go along with your whole outfit. Having the right top makes the difference and completing an elegant look.


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