Protest In Iran After 50% Petroleum Price Hike

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Protest in Iran under way, after 50% price hike on petroleum oil amid US sanctions on the country. The Iran government has reduced the subsidies on petrol, and cities like Tehran, Boushehr, Isfahan, Shiraz and many other cities, have had their oil prices gone up to at least 50 percent above original market price. Overnight, violent protest were held with injuries and fatalities involved.

In Tehran, there are reports of people blocking the roads, and drivers leaving their cars parked in the middle of the highway as they exit their cars and leave it stranded to protest.

There are also reports that the Iranian government is suppressing communication among people and the world, based on reports of partial internet shutdown in the country.

In the peripheral futures, the Iranian government should expect to see more protest in Iran on the street like the ones being seeen in Hong Kong and all around the globe due to the country’s economic instability.

This is not the most recent protest in Iran in years, in 2017-18, the Iran public held many critical protests against the government.

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