Starry Station Internet Wifi Router Tutorial

Starry Station Setup

  • Place Starry Station on a flat and visible surface
  • Plug your Starry Station power cable at the bottom slot in the back of the device.
  • Then, plug your Starry Station ethernet cable in the left top slot in the back of the device
  • Plug your power cable into a wall outlet, and your ethernet cable into your modem
  • The screen will prompt you to select your wifi using a name generator or click edit to create your own
  • create a password and set your pin to be used as a security code in the future.
  • Select your timezone and follow the rest of the prompt and your Starry Station should be ready to be connected to from your wifi devices!

Starry Station reset

  • click on the screen and tap on settings
  • scroll down and click on ‘restart and factory
  • click on reset and enter the pin you created from setup
  • Starry Station at this point should be reset to default settings